Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Meeting

An interesting workshop was held by Gayle De'Angelis from Warburton.   Gayle has a business called Retied Attire were she makes wearable art out of ties and scarves.   This was a hands on workshop where we all had such fun.  Greg Carolyn's husband was on hand to video all the goings on.  This video will be available for loan from our library.
Gayle works out of 'The Sheila's Shed' 6 Ferndale Rd Wardburton Melway Map 290 F2
web site www.retiedattire.com.

Left.  Helen modelling a waistcoat

Right The back of waistcoat

left.  this a bag folded out flat.
right.  the flap folded over
Left  Sarah modelling a long coat
Right  the front of the coat.
left. A coat with a special name which I forgot the name of.
Right.   a pinny for a stitcher.
Right Rose modelling the back of a different waistcoat
 Right Rose showing the front of the waistcoat
 Left Gayle arranging a coast on Sarah
 Left more adjustment necessary
 Right.  Hands on part of the workshop.  We choose our own scarves and ties.  With the help of one of dressmaker models that Gayle had thoughtfully bought along Sarah and I worked on this cape made from 6 scarves and 2 ties.
 Right. The back of the cape Sarah and I worked on.
 Raewyn working on hers and Carolyn's masterpiece.

Left. Carolyn showing it on the model

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  1. Next meeting of the Victorian Group of ATASDA is on Saturday 3rd March at the Church of Christ, Hartwell, 11.00am - 3.00pm.

    Marijke Owen will be doing a Resin demonstration and the members of the ATASDA National Committee are coming along.

    The National Committee has members from across Australia, they include very experienced textile artists and tutors who will be bringing some of their work along to do a show and tell.

    Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday 3rd March.